domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

"Hunter x Hunter" Heading into Phantom Troupe Arc, New Cast Members Announced

This summer the current incarnation of Hunter x Hunter anime breaks through into the next arc of the series, and it's a highly anticipated one: the Phantom Troupe arc. Expect to see a whole lot of character development and many serious scenes, especially for Kurapika, as he's out for revenge.
Here are the members of the Troupe and their voices (where announced):
Chrollo Lucilfer, the leader of the Phantom Troupe, is played by Mamoru Miyano (Zange Natsume from Inu X Boku SS, Taichi Mashima from Chihayafuru).
Machi is played by Rena Maeda (roles in Hanasaku Iroha and Ano Natsu de Matteru).
Shizuku is played by Miho Arakawa (Himari Takakura in Mawaru-Penguindrum, small role in Ben-Tō).
Shalnark is played by Noriko Hidaka (Yō Fujino in Star Driver, Taeko Isshiki in The Knight in the Area).
Nobunaga is played by Naoya Uchida (Yūji Endō in Kaiji, Madara Uchiha in Naruto Shippuden).
Pakunoda is played by Romi Park (Temari from Naruto Shippuden, Nana Osaki from Nana).
Franklin is played by Hidenobu Kiuchi (Greville de Blois from Gosick, Hei from Darker Than Black).
Phinks is played by Kenn (Hibito Nanba in Space Brothers, Fumi Roppongi in Miracle Train).
Uvogin is played by Akio Ōtsuka (Black Jack in Black Jack, Rider in Fate/Zero).
Feitan is played by Kappei Yamaguchi (L in Death Note, Teddie in Persona 4: The Animation).
Uncast as of yet are...
Kortopi and Bonolenov
Finally, just in case, here's a spoiler warning for one more member of the group...
Hisoka, who continues to be played by Daisuke Namikawa (Shōta Kazehaya in Kimi ni Todoke, Waver Velvet in Fate/Zero).
Now who is stoked to see the Phantom Troupe in action? The new arc starts July 15th in Japan.

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