terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Sentai Filmworks License of "Ro-Kyu-Bu: Fast Break"

HOUSTON, June 27, 2012— Sentai Filmworks announced today that the show's production committee has requested a buy-back of the home video rights to this show from all of the committee's licensees outside of Asian territories. In the interest of cooperation, Sentai Filmworks is complying with the committee's request with respect to the home video rights only.

RO-KYU-BU: FAST BREAK will continue to be available through TV, Streaming and other digital sources.

About Sentai Filmworks:
Sentai Filmworks is one of the fastest-growing anime companies in North America, producing hit series like Highschool of the Dead, Towa no Quon, Samurai Girls, Guin Saga, Needless and Angel Beats! as well as high profile theatrical films such as Grave of the Fireflies and Appleseed. Sentai Filmworks' programs can be found on home video distributed by Ingram Entertainment, Baker & Taylor, Section23Films, The Right Stuf and other good and fine distributors. Digital product offerings may be found at iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Zune Marketplace, Anime Network, PLAYSTATION Network, Android Market and YouTube.

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