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SoundWitch Band to Perform at Tekkoshocon 2012

February 4, 2012 - Osaka based gothic-metal/rock band SoundWitch will make their American live performance debut at Tekkoshocon 2012. The band will perform a live concert and attend autograph and Q&A sessions for fans during Tekkoshocon's four-day event in Pittsburgh, PA from March 22 - 25, 2012.

Tekkoshocon information and pre-registration at:

SoundWitch PROFILE
SoundWitch was formed in Osaka, Japan in 2005 and performing in the Kansai area. In 2007 and 2008, they released three demo single CDs, and in July 2008 performed at the female vocalist festival, "ADDICT XX".

Maintaining their momentum, they moved into production of their first album and in April of 2009, "WICCAHOLIC" was released. For this release, they set out on a Japan-wide tour and released their first promotional music video, "WITHOUT". SoundWitch ended their tour in January 2010 with their first solo "one-man" live show in Osaka, performing 8 news songs which signalled the start of production on their 2nd album.

In 2009 and 2010, SoundWitch performed at several Japanese music festivals, including "FAR EAST RAMPAGE" and taking the headlining spot on the sub-stage of "ADDICT XX", followed by the release of their second album "GROTESCA" in October 2010. After the release, they began the "GROTESCA SHOW" tour country-wide, finishing the tour in November 2010 with a "two-man" show with their 413 Tracks label mates and friends "6ft. down". In March of 2011, the "KISS ME KILL ME" 2011 JAPAN TOUR CHAPTER ONE was announced.

SoundWitch members are: Twin (vocals), May (guitar, programming), Sack (drums), Matsubai (bass), Drug-on (guitar).

SoundWitch appears at Tekkoshocon by arrangement with JapanFiles and Monsters, Inc.

SoundWitch official website: http://www.soundwitch.jp/
SoundWitch on JapanFiles: http://www.japanfiles.com/soundwitch

SoundWitch - "FRUSTRATE ME"

SoundWitch - "WITHOUT"

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JapanFiles has sponsored Japanese artist appearances at Sakura-Con, Anime Boston, A-Kon, FanimeCon, Tekkoshocon, Anime Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Media Expo, Anime Vegas, Animex (Mexico), SXSW, Slim's (San Francisco), and Knitting Factory (New York City).

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JapanFiles is a division of Japanese education website YesJapan.com.


Founded in 2002, Tekkoshocon, Inc. is devoted to the enrichment and enlightenment of the Japanese animation and culture fan communities of Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Now planning their tenth annual TEKKOSHOCON convention to be held March 22 - 25, 2012, at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, Tekkoshocon Inc. is prepared to bring top-class industry guests, musical acts, events, panels, workshops, video game tournaments, costume competitions, and other exciting attractions for the enjoyment and benefit of Pittsburgh's anime scene.


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